• How long will it take to get my images after the event?
    6-8 weeks ( Jun-Nov ) 4-6 week during (Dec-May ) We do offer a rush option of 2 weeks for $350.00
  • How many images will I receive?
  • We average 100 images an hour, but we often go over that number because we love to shoot 🙂
  • What types of photography services to you offer?
    Though we do specialize in wedding and event photography. Both of our shooters have worked on numerous photography projects with large corporations and publications.
  • Can you describe your style?
     Genuine documentary and photojournalistic perspective in addition to being fashion forward.

Event planning

  • Do you have a list of  favorite vendors you have work with in the past?
    Yes! We would be happy to give you a list of vendors that we just love to work with and that I true wedding pros!  
  • Would you help us find places to shoot?
    As part of our wedding consultation services, we will work with you to determine the best locations for your formal portraits based on atmosphere, light, weather, and style.
  • Do you do site visits or walkthroughs?
    Due to our long history in the wedding industry we tend to not need a physical walkthrough of a venue. We do check out new spaces online and talk to clients/ venues/ planners beforehand to identify any challenges they might arise. We will work out the best shooting plan for your event.
  • Where do you travel to shoot?
    Our team has shot weddings literal all over the world! Some locations we have had the privilege to shoot in Austria, Mexico, Italy and all love the United States.
  • Do you accept a shot list?
    We do for family portraits. In fact we require it so that we can tell how long that portion of the day will take before the event. We also bring that list to the event so that we have a checklist while shooting.  This portion of the day is important for documenting your family history and we’ll assist in making sure no one is excluded


  • How far in advance should we book?
    We normally book a year in advance for July-October dates

  • What’s your initial deposit?
    We require a ¼ deposit on all events
  • Are there travel fees?
    We do not charge for travel inside the state of CT. Events outside the state are subject to travel fees and may require overnight stays. Please contact for more details.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Yes we are fully insured and can produce proof of insurance if needed for venues.

Prints and Proofing

  • Do we get the digital files?
    Yes you will receive high resolution .jpg files both online and on a USB thumb drive (link to image) Images are free of watermarks or logos.
  • How long the images online?
    We keep all image online for one year after posting.
  • How do you archive our wedding images?
    We use a drobo system, we upload your images to our online storefront, and we upload the images to an offsite server.  We’ve got you covered!
  • Do you retouch images?
    Every image goes through a finishing process. We adjust exposure and white balance as well as add a proprietary studio “look” to each and every image. Please contact us to get a peek at a full event to see what we do!
  • Do you offer printing or albums?
    Yes we offer a full range of albums and printed products.  Our high quality leather wedding albums are designed in-house by Robin.  Our albums are modern, sleek, and offer a (classy) aesthetic that our clients enjoy.  For more information about our album design services, visit stevedepino.com/albums for more information
  • Can we make prints on our own?
    The high resolution digital files are given to you on a USB drive and you have the ability to print them on your own.  However, we highly recommend using our printing service for your prints because of our professional printing services and product quality. To see print pricing please visit http://www.stevedepino.com/print-pricing/