Are you about to buy a power mac, iphone, imac or any other mac product ?
Be sure to check out this site my friend Jim showed me quite a while ago The site is loaded with basically every news clip, photo or rumor involving new mac products that they can find on the web. I have found their “Buyer guide” page to be very helpful. This page shows a break down of the product cycles for all mac hardware and gives you a recommendation if you should buy or not. It’s supper helpful when your making a big purchase and are not sure if the product with be updated soon. I just found out the new version of the iphone may be coming out in the states as soon as June so I’m holding out for a little longer.

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May 29, 2008
i'm waiting for the new iphone too! only problem is that in the meantime I don't have any cell at all...just returned from 6 months of travel!