Just got back from the conference and I’m really tired but I have to get working on some images for a slide show for my boys Chaz and AJ. I shoot the 2nd annual “Eat the Meat” wing eating contest for them on Saturday but because of the conference I didn’t have a chance to even look at the images until now.
I think I’m going to make my self some pancakes and get working on these right now… I should have something posted in the next few hours

OK the EAT the Meat Slide show is finished! I just have to say this event kind of grosses me out every time I shoot it.
I’m not a huge fan of competitive eating it just looks painful to eat that much food in that time frame. And there always is one or two competitors that can’t keep the food down…yeah I know to much info I’m sorry 🙂

Just a few of my favorites

I just love the look on the face of the girl in the back row as she watches that big dude let out a belch 🙂

the eyes of someone who ate way too much

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